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By using this crypto currency you will be able to change your money into various popular cryptoes in no time.

Payment Option

At the moment our currency is being studied by big exchanges around the world. Soon you will notice the updates on the panel.


DOP gives its users the opportunity to capitalize their fund and it's to us to provide them with safety in the environment as they trade.

High Security

Our unique security system has a very sophisticated encryption that protects users' information as well as their currency itself.


Our goal is to present a currency by use of which, users can exploit their stagnant asset. We have also provided our users with simplicity in their transactions. Izdop is an opportunity for you to grow your limited capital and join Global movements.

Download Apps

We will accompany you in this path and help you build your future.
By installing our application on your devices, designed for both IOS and Android, you can check your balance and the currency changes anywhere at any time. Izdop application is now available in Play Store and App Store. To download the app click the links below:

Cryptoes that will be available soon

You can invest using the following cryptoes and more..

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